Medicare & NDIS Registered Provider

Rights & Responsibilities

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their potential. I strive to provide you and your child with quality, evidence-based intervention grounded in a caring and respectful relationship. In my practice, I always seek to respect differences, encourage individuality and preserve dignity.

Your Rights:

• To be treated in a professional, courteous and caring manner.

• Expect that your personal privacy and information will be respected.

• Choose to use or not use this service.

• To be provided effective therapy services supported by research.

• Receive accurate and relevant information in a timely manner.

• Provide feedback or make a complaint about the service and be heard.

Your Responsibilities:

• Provide accurate information about your child.

• Ensure your child is available to attend their appointment.

• Provide at least 24 hours’ notice if your child is unable to attend their appointment. This may be due to illness, school excursions/incursions etc.

• Participate in the service provided in such a way as to maximise benefits. This includes implementing strategies and completing homework discussed with you.